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By nature, I am a curious person.  This curiosity has led me to follow many paths in life from studying biology to traveling the world.  It is also the impetus behind my photography work. I love to learn, explore new cultures, see new places, and meet new people.   I have long sought out stories from people I meet in passing.  I enjoy hearing their personal histories and getting a glimpse of life through their eyes.  Everyone has a story to tell and I believe that we can all learn a great deal about the world and ourselves through honest and open interactions with people that are different from ourselves.  I hope that through my photography you begin to paint a picture of how I see the world.  I hope to honestly represent the way I look at the world around me.  In my world, every day is a new adventure from which we have the opportunity to expose ourselves to new experiences, broadening our perspectives by observing the world, asking questions, and being open to new lines of thought. 

I hope you enjoy my gallery and I welcome any thoughts, insights, criticisms, or new perspectives and realizations you may have from viewing my work.  Please feel free to email me at the address below.

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For information regarding my work, inquiries about purchasing work, or to schedule a portrait session contact me at: 
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Instagram: @jmschandler
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